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Some Word About Me

Selma Siddig Ahmed Awadallah
Birth: United Kingdom 23/4/1976
Nationality: British and Sudanese
Language: Arabic and English
Mob: 0501477490
Residence  United Arab Emirates/Sudan


Graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of  khartoum 2000, and received a master's degree of Food Microbiology 2004.


Fine artist                                                                                       


The General Union of the Sudanese artists.
Sudanese  plastic art committee.


Her  paintings are acquired around the world by individuals and institutions in the Sudan, Germany, Vatican ,Italy, India, Pakistan, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia and a number of paintings  purchased by ASharjah Hall (Khartoum).


1.  individual art exhibition – Friendship Hall / Khartoum Sudan (2009) .

2.  individual art exhibition – Rashid Diab art centre/ Khartoum   Sudan(2007) 

3.  group art exhibition – Sahara gate gallery/ Dubai- U.A.E 4/2007

4.    group art exhibition – ASharjah/  U.A.E 2007.

5.    group art exhibition – The National Council of Arts and Science /Khartoum- Sudan. (2007)

6.    Individual art exhibition – German cultural centre/ Khartoum Sudan (2006)

7.    individual art exhibition- The Academy of medical science / Khartoum – Sudan(2006)

8.    individual art exhibition – ASharjah Hall in Khartoum /Sudan(2005)

9.    individual art exhibition Arwiqaa art gallery/ Khartoum –Sudan(2005)

10.  group art exhibition  The Hall Sudanese plastic art committee /Khartoum- Sudan(2004)

11.  Individual art exhibition / German cultural centre/ Khartoum- Sudan(2004)

12.  individual art exhibition – University of Khartoum/ Khartoum   Sudan(2002)

13.  individual art exhibition – University of Khartoum/ Khartoum   Sudan(2001)

14.  individual art exhibition – Iraqi cultural centre/ Khartoum   Sudan(1999) 



Participations through the media:

A)  Through TV:

1- Ashrooq TV channel through fen wa siyasah(Art show and talk)2009

2- The blue Nile channel (to  introducing, commenting and highlighting critical point related to the  10th art exhibition  ) 12/2007 

3- The Sudan National TV (participation on an art programme) 11/2007.

4- The Blue Nile channel (debate on time managing)  4/ 2007.

5- The Blue Nile channel (personal reportage, documenting my daily home life including a chat in and on my studio) 2/2007.

6- The blue Nile channel ( debate on the positives  and negatives in family relationship ) 10/2006

7- The Sudan National TV( highlight my fine art techniques) 9/2006

8- Khartoum TV channel ( commenting on pictures during the opening of 8th art exhibition) 9/2006

9- The Sudan National TV( a dialog inside the art gallery; arwiqa focusing on my abstract exhibited  plates) 3/2005 

10- Khartoum TV channel ( documenting the opening of my 7th  art exhibition) 3/2005

11- The Sudan National TV (a dialog discussing my art experience) 3/2004.

12- Khartoum TV channel ( documenting the opening of my art exhibition) 3/2004

13- The Sudan National TV (a dialog, professional artists  discussing my art experience) 3/2004

14- The Sudan National TV ( interview in art programme) 11/2003.

15- The Sudan National TV ( commenting on my art plates )10/1999

16-Khartoum TV channel ( a dialogue discussing my interests) 11/1999.

B) News papers:-

More than 50 participation in Sudanese daily newspapers   from 1999 to 2009 

C) Magazine:-

      1-   Sayidati; Arabic family magazine 2006

      2-   Usrati; Sudanese family magazine 2004

D) Radio:-

     More than 20 participation through the radio.


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